94. CTS(Component Technical Specification) [자동차 용어 : 자동차 일반]

ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials

BOM Bill of Material

CAD Computer Aided Design 

CC Critical Characteristics

CTS Components Technical Specifications

CDE Component Development Engineers

CTF Caractéristique Technique Fonctionnelle

DFMEA Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Standards Institute) 

DVP Design Validation Plan  

DVP&R Design Validation Plan & Report

EN European Standard 

FAME Fatty Acid Methyl Aster 

IMDS International Material Data System

KPC Key Product Characteristic

KCC Key Control Characteristic

MACSI Information process about material Break Down (PSA Customer)

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

PFMEA Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

P/N Part Number

PPAP Production Parts Approval Process

PV Process validation

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers Inc.

SOP Start of Production

SOPA Supplier On site Approval

3-D 3-Dimensional

R Responsible

A Approval

S Support

I Inform

93. CTQ(Critical To Quality) [자동차 용어: 일반]

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93. CTQ(Critical To Quality) [자동차 용어: 일반]

Critical To Quality의 준말로 고객이 규정한 품질 항목으로, 제품이나 서비스에 대한 고객의 요구사항(VOC)를 만족시키기 위한 핵심 품질 특성으로 품질에 결정적으로 영향을 주는 요소

92. 주요공정특성(CTP, Critical To Process) [자동차 용어: 자동차 용어 일반]

공정에 결정적으로 영향을 주는 요소


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